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Правильно ли написаны вопросы и ответы к ним? Is she having a party? — Yes. she’s going to buy a new dress. Is father going to wear a coat? — No, he’sgoi

правильно ли написаны вопросы и ответы к ним?Is she having a party? - Yes.she's going to buy a new dress.Is father  going to wear a coat? - No, he's going   to wear a polo.Is you going to wear  a blazer? - No.i am   going to wear a coat.  Is she having a party& - Yes. She is going to buy a new dress.Is YOUR father going to wear a coat& - No ,he ISN'T going to(...)

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Сочинения маленькоемоя квартира

сочинения (маленькое)моя квартира   My flat isn't very large. I have a big living room, a bathroom and two other rooms. The living room is really big. There are some furniture in that one. And the bathroom isn't big. The room of my parents also isn't very large, but it's very comfortable. Also I have(...)

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Написать диалог, используя слова in / out of fashionfashionable/trendy/stylishsmartfineelegantexpensivecleandirtytidy/untidySuch shoes are in fashion

Написать диалог, используя слова in / out of fashionfashionable/trendy/stylishsmartfineelegantexpensivecleandirty tidy/untidySuch shoes are in fashion this season.Your dress is quite elegant.Look! Your school uniform is untidy.Thank you. I’ll clean it. по примеруmarina: Hi, Olia!olia: Hi! Nice to see you!marina: You too. You look stylish today!olia: Thanks. This jacket is new, and these shoes are too.marina: Well, they are(...)

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Употребите необходимый вспомогательный глагол в следующих вопросах. you know his name? … they visit the museum yesterday? … you family watch T

Употребите необходимый вспомогательный глагол в следующих вопросах. 1....you know his name? 2. … they visit the museum yesterday? 3. … you family watch TV tomorrow? 4. … his sister learn in the academy& 5. … you lose your wallet last week? 6. … they buy a car two days ago? 7. … Ben Jordan go(...)

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Диалог между друзьями

Диалог между друзьями -hello, Ned!-Hi, Ted!-how are you?-I am fine, thank you. And how are you?-I'm fine too.-where were you on the weekend?-I was in the Paris.-oh, really?  would like to visit Paris.-see you tomorrow!-goodbye! -Привет, Нед!-Привет, Тед!-как ты?-Я в порядке, спасибо. А вы как поживаете?-Я тоже хорошо.-где ты был на каникулах?-Я был в Париже.-правда? я(...)

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